“B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 11 “B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 10 “B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 9 “B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 8 “B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 7 “B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 6 “B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 5 “B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 4 “B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 3 “B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 2 “B.Ed./M.Ed./B.P.Ed. College Verifications formats and circulars” 1 Helpline Number For Exams  Proposal of Earned Leave Encashment Sanctioned List of All Scholarship 2017-18 National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of Scheduled Tribe Students Mahaonline Portal Info Panvel Region Clg Data For Colleges Circular of EBC Scholarship Tuition Fees for Students Date Extension for Offline Scholarships Date Extension for EBC Circular for PMS 2018-19 College Registration Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Scholarship Scholarships on MahaDBT Circular Scholarships on MahaDBT Circular (AMS) Dhe Scholarship Information Maha DBT Workshop CSS 2017-18 Circular Format C.S.S 2017-18 for Colleges PMS mudatvadh Central sector scheme of scholarship 2017-18 Importance Of Aadhar Card MoM NSP

          Directorate of Higher Education is the Nodal Agency controlled and activated by Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra. Directorate is headed by the Director of Higher Education and office is located at Central Building, Pune-411 001. There are 10 Regional Joint Directors. The office of the Joint Director Higher Education, Konkan Region, Panvel is the Regional Office for District Thane, Palghar, Raigad, Ratnagiri & Sidhudurg established especially for Konkan Region dated on 1st Sept 2010. In 1984 Government of Maharashtra has bifurcated “Higher & Technical Education Department” from “School Education Department”. The main purpose was to increase the facilities & raise the standard of Higher Education in fields of Arts, Commerce, Science, B.Ed. & Law Education at Graduation & Post Graduation level.

By the Maharashtra University Act 1994 all the Universities are equally empowered to function. Which enables Universities to effectively carry out the responsibility & more equal distribution of facilities for higher education to bring about excellence in higher education. The state Government has important role to play in this as per the clause 8 of MU act 1994 Office of the Joint Director monitors 1969 Teaching Staffs & 2097 Non-Teaching Staffs of 94 Non-Government Aided Colleges. Also 20 Teaching Staffs & 78 Non-Teaching Staff of Government B.Ed Colleges at Panvel & Ratnagiri, Govt. EBC Hostels, at Jawhar & Accounts Office, Higher Education, Konkan Region, Panvel are monitored by this office. The main objectives of this office is to provide bridge role among Ministry of Higher & Technical Education, Director of Higher Education, Universities in the Region & Non Government and Government Colleges.

Following are the main activities of Joint Director, Higher Education, Konkan Region, Panvel.

  • Controlling & Co-ordination of Government Colleges in the Region.
  • Non-Government Aided Colleges: Staff Sanction, Staff Allocation and Fund Allocation. Salary Distribution (UGC Sponsored), Overall Control and Management of Govt. & Non-Govt. Aided Colleges
  • Recommendation for College Grants, Evaluation and Management
  • Implementation of Education Policies which are enacted by Director of Higher Education & Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra.
  • Controlling Government Hostels, EBC Hostel & Priyadarshani Hostels.
  • Teachers Promotion and Pay Fixation.
  • Assessment of Distributed Grants.
  • Allocation and distribution of all Pensionary benefits of Teaching as well as Non-Teaching Staff working in 94 Non-Govt. Aided Colleges.